Our Brands

Kesar's exclusive brands have been guided by a spirit of innovation and an unwavering commitment to delivering superior
quality products and value to customers. Each of our brands is a promise to you and a testament to our dedication to
making you more successful.

Inspiring Excellence

Ovation is a winner all the way when it comes to elegant trophies

The elation of victory needs the right trophy to complement it

Touch Hearts

The best return gift is a gleeful smile

Glee has under its label an exciting range of personal gifts that will make your loved ones feel special

Pen To Paper

Here is a selection of gifts you can never go wrong with.

P2P is a range of premium fancy stationery that adds of touch of class to commom place items

Its a Small World

Often, the smallest things are the source of greatest joy.

Small world has the biggest collection of gift items and toys for children

Let's Inspire

KRIA – Kesar Recognition Initiative Award, to recognize,inspire & honour eminent

personalities for their remarkable achievement to soceiety.